1. thenoguchimuseum:

    Photograph of Isamu Noguchi with his sculpture Black Sun, at its final destination in Seattle, Washington, 1970s.

    Photograph by Frank B. Denman

    The Noguchi Museum Archive

  2. thenoguchimuseum:

    Isamu Noguchi, Narrow Gate, 1981, basalt

    Photo by Kevin Noble

    The Noguchi Museum

  4. remikanazi:

    Palestinians don’t have to pay people to tweet. Millions around the world are naturally outraged. (Photo via @GazaYBO on Twitter) 

    (via thepeoplesrecord)

  5. Alvar Aalto

    Early cantilevered armchair with stepped base, model no. 31, designed for the Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Paimio, Finland, 1929-1933.

    (Source: scandinaviancollectors, via kashyou)

  7. lapetitecole:

    Brezhnev half-naked phone call

    (via La Petite École 

  8. lapetitecole:

    © Gloria Rodríguez, Sevilla 2009

    (Source: gloriaphoto)

  9. lapetitecole:

    © Gloria Rodríguez, Valderas 2013

    (Source: gloriaphoto)

  10. lapetitecole:

    © Gloria Rodríguez, Barcelona 2013

    (Source: gloriaphoto)

  12. Blackwall

    (Source: airows, via larchedenowaypictures)

  15. vostok1:

    Candilis, Josic, Woods and Scheidhelm

    Original competition drawings illustrating the Free University of Berlin