1. Trigger-Happy Twats


    Israel has said it is calling up another 16,000 reserves following a security cabinet meeting that decided to keep up military operations in Gaza, ignoring international pressure for an immediate ceasefire.

    The move will allow the Israeli military to substantially widen its 23-day campaign against Hamas, which has already claimed more than 1,360 Palestinian lives – most of them civilians – and reduced entire Gaza neighbourhoods to rubble. Fifty-six Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians have died during the campaign.  

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    Photo: Jinipix/REX

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  2. taishou-kun:

    Banshun 晩春 (Late Spring) - Starring Hara Setsuko 原節子, Tsukioka Yumeji 月丘 夢路 and Ryuu Chishuu 笠智衆 - Directed by Ozu Yasujirou 小津 安二郎 - 1949 Shouchiku 松竹 poster

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  3. subtilitas:

    De Vylder Vinck Taillieu - Belgrado loft renovation, Brussels 2013. Via, photos (C) Filip Dujardin.

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  4. Is this for real?  Real or no, it’s totally cool.

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  5. hjaltigud:

    Berlin, May 2014

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  6. omegaforums:

    OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Calibre 321 - Circa 1967

  7. architography:

    courtyard façade on Flickr.

    The Salk Institute, 1965
    Architect Louis Kahn
    La Jolla, San Diego, California

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  8. n-architektur:

    Flat Iron Building 

    Rosenbergs Arkitekter

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  10. popularsizes:

    buckminster fuller’s last prototype geodesic dome

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  11. architectureland:

    Ann Hamilton Tower  designed by Jensen Architects in California, USA

  12. fabriciomora:

    SANAA - New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York. (Scale 1/500)

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  13. let-s-build-a-home:

    De Rotterdam by O.M.A. - photos by Raban Haaijk

    A less foolish than usual building by OMA

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  15. anneyhall:


    Photo by Kava Gorna